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Greater efficiency. Throughout the entire procurement process.

Digitising the steel trade – that’s our aim. And, in doing so, our thinking extends well beyond online shops: We’re not just digitizing sales, but we’re also taking the same approach to all procurement processes. You can increase your procurement efficiency with our three solutions: VossOnline, VossConnect and VossEDI! Regardless of whether it relates to orders, queries, delivery documents or invoices etc., all the information is processed digitally and transferred seamlessly in next to no time at all. Automatic and efficient. That’s future. That’s how steel trade is all about nowadays.


Our Toolbox.
Much more than just an online shop.


For your business management system.
Or your own online shop.


Digital document exchange. 

Fast and error-free.

We think “future”: our VossOnline Toolbox is much more than just an online shop. It represents the digitisation of the steel trade! Check stock availability in real-time, integrate individual article numbers and matchcodes – and order your goods with just a few simple clicks. VossOnline offers numerous other advantages for maximum efficiency throughout the procurement process. Make the VossOnline Toolbox your own!


The next level. For your business management system. With VossConnect you optimise your procurement processes by linking our data with your merchandise management system. All the information you need – including inventory, prices, delivery times, etc. – is easily transferred to your ERP system. This means that you, as a trade partner, always have up-to-date, binding information available and can provide your customers with reliable information at any time – without the need to leave your own system environment.

Our articles. Direct to your online shop. Use our data for your own online shop! Simply integrate our Voss article data and expand your inventory virtually with our complete product range. More products, more possibilities. And typically Voss: neutral and with first-class service.


Digital document exchange. Fast and error-free. With VossEDI, we also simplify bureaucratic processes. Important documents such as orders, order confirmations, invoices or credit notes can be managed digitally. Entirely without double entry or manual effort.

Our products explained very simply:

Voss.Partner Products

Digitisation at Voss means:

Customised Toolbox

Access to VossOnline is fully tailored to your needs. So that you can enjoy maximum convenience when using it.

Warehouse availability in real-time

Check our stock availability and prices in real-time. At agreed conditions, around the clock. Meaning that you are always able to provide information to your customers.

Own matchcodes

Include your individual article numbers and matchcodes. This enables you to find our articles by using your own common names or abbreviations.

Enquiries & orders online

Order your goods online with just a few clicks. A fast and efficient transmission gets the desired goods on route as quickly as possible.

Product expansion through partner articles

In addition to our extensive delivery programme, we offer articles from exclusive partners. Completely neutral and via our logistics operations.

Neutrality & data protection policy

Your contractual partner is always Voss Stainless – not an external supplier. Meaning that you also can be sure when it comes to neutrality and data protection.

New, modern user interface

The new VossOnline is now even clearer and more cleverly organised. With a modern design and intuitive user guidance. To help you find what you are looking for faster.

Barcode scanner for Voss labels

All our documents are issued with barcodes. The incoming goods department can, therefore, scan this data without significant effort and transfer it directly to your ERP. And we even go one step further: the mobile version of VossOnline already has such a barcode scanner integrated as standard.

Order Tracking

With end-to-end shipment tracking, you can track your goods and see the estimated time of delivery.

Online access to all documents

Whether it concerns invoices, delivery notes, certificates or more – at VossOnline, you have online access to all documents. Fast and hassle-free.

Error-free transmission of reference numbers

You provide us with your own reference numbers (order number or job number) without any errors. By doing so, we avoid errors when processing orders.

Data exchange with XML or CSV

You will immediately receive the data for your order or enquiry in readable formats such as CSV or XML. This enables an easy transfer into your ERP system.

Optimised for all output devices

VossOnline is, naturally, “fully responsive” and thus, in addition to the desktop version, also perfectly suited for use on tablets and smartphones.

Linking your online solution

Link your online solution with the data from VossOnline. In doing so, you can expand your online product range easily and conveniently.

Greater efficiency thanks to EDI

All our data is digitalised – and delivered to you digitally. Not only via the Internet through VossOnline, but also directly – thanks to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). We support many formats and protocols. Talk to us; we will be happy to advise you.

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