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Voss supplies stainless steel to trade customers. Guaranteed and exclusive! We hold over 9,000 articles and over 12,000 tonnes of steel and aluminium in stock at all times. What sounds difficult finds its way to you with ease – for this purpose we have digitalised all procurement processes. Thanks to our innovative VossOnline Toolbox, you simply order today what you need tomorrow. Check our stock in real-time and work with your own article numbers and matchcodes. Transparent. Efficient. Fast.

Using state-of-the-art logistics, we can deliver within 24 hours what other suppliers do not even have in stock. From 12 locations in Europe, in more than 35 countries, spanning more than 40 years. This is the steel trade of the future!

For a world of trade.

Steel connects – that is why we supply without exception stockists and trade partners only.

For a world of diversity.

Over 9,000 articles and 12,000 tons of steel, aluminium & brass always in stock.

For a world just in time.

We deliver in 24 hours what others do not even have in stock.

We are measured by our extensive range of products across Europe: stainless steel, aluminium or non-ferrous metals in all shapes, profiles and lengths. Over 9,000 articles and 12,000 tons of products all in stock. A full product range that guarantees maximum flexibility for your customers while simplifying your procurement processes with outstanding efficiency.

A huge range

We’ve got it in stock

Voss Digital

Greater efficiency. Throughout the entire procurement process.

Digitising the steel trade – that’s our aim. And, in doing so, our thinking extends well beyond online shops: We’re not just digitizing sales, but we’re also taking the same approach to all procurement processes. You can increase your procurement efficiency with our three solutions: VossOnline, VossConnect and VossEDI! Regardless of whether it relates to orders, queries, delivery documents or invoices etc., all the information is processed digitally and transferred seamlessly in next to no time at all. Automatic and efficient. That’s future. That’s how steel trade is all about nowadays.

We deliver stainless steel in 24 hours, which others do not even have in stock. To ensure this logistical masterpiece runs without a hitch, we are strategically positioned across 12 locations in Europe. From Spain to England, from France to Poland, and with roots in Hamburg in northern Germany.

Optimally distributed as part of a winning strategy

12 locations in Europe

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