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Voss online - Fresh up!


Voss online gets a refresh!

The many responses from our customers to our spring survey this year have led us to make Voss online even more user-friendly. Here are the most important innovations that we will make available to all customers in September:

New design

The site has been restructured, instead of a scrolling banner several banners in different sizes are now possible. The login and the article search are now clearly arranged in the upper menu line, making the page look tidier and clearer.


Online Help

The user can now call up small help texts for (almost) every menu item or function field. This is very simple: with a "right" mouse click on the corresponding field the help text appears. We're showing many users not only how Voss online works, but also some features they may not have known before.

Certificates online

Now all certificates ordered by the customer can also be called up online. To view or download. The user has access to these documents either via the new menu item "Certificates" or via the list of current orders or the invoice overview.

Important: Certificates are always available, regardless of whether the customer has ordered online or offline - the only condition is that they have been ordered.


Improved search algorithms

Some optimizations in the search system make it even easier to find certain articles or dimensions.

Alternative username

Many customers found it impractical not to be able to change the user name once they had been given one. We have changed this: from now on every user can get an alternative username. For example, your own e-mail or another name more familiar to the user.